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Does Interior Design Affect Our Wellbeing?

Whether it is our workspace, home, or neighborhood supermarket, the interior of a place significantly affects us. It can make us calm and productive, make children behave better or make the customers buy more. 


A big misconception is that interior design is only for the aesthetics of the place but this is only taking one aspect for something much bigger. Interior design has big psychological effects on our subconscious and the way we feel. How your house or office spaces are designed can significantly affect your emotions – in positive and negative ways. This is why spaces for different professions often are designed differently to give a feel that suits what they do be it a chef or a music producer.

The color of your kitchen might be contributing to your anxiety and your shape of couch could lead others to assume that you have a reserved personality. A set of colors, size of windows, fall of light and the shape and texture of furniture can make all the difference on how you feel. 

So the question to ask here is how do we make sure our house has the right effect on us and our guests?

Interior designer working with color palette


Color is one of the main ways we experience life around us. Yes most importantly, it has a bigger effect on our mood and emotions than we think. So when you think of our home’s interior design, colors should be at the top of your list. 


The psychology of colors is not new and it even dates back to the 19th century when Johann Wolfgang von Goethe published his book, Theory of Colours. Though they are being debated to a certain extent, here are some examples of certain colors, researchers, interior designers and marketing professionals seem to agree on:


  1. Yellow: this colors is usually associated with happiness and creativity as it’s often paired with a more neutral counterpart with lots of natural light to create a peaceful atmosphere.
  2. Red: this color represents passion and is usually used for intimate spaces.
  3. Blue: blue always represents peace and calmness. It works great in areas that are often busy, such as bathrooms.
  4. Green: this is a color that is used with the aim of relaxation, the perfect choice in entry ways and other areas where you want to wind down.


So do not forget to choose colors based on what mood you want for the space.


Just as plants, light can be essential for humans as well. Natural light is one of the main sources for a healthy body and mind. As you add more natural light to your space, you will otice how energized it feels, in addition to making it more spacious.


A 2002 study found that the presence of daylight was one of the most important factors in increasing sales volume, thus telling us that natural light improves human performance too.


Dim lighting often gives off a sad and gloomy vibe and tends to make people unproductive. So, the best source of light is sunlight so you can definitely give extra care to the number and sizes of window in your space to boost you happiness and productivity while easing your anxiety.


According to a survey published in A Journal of the Association for Psychological Science, certain rooms can truly produce very real emotions. The 200 participants of the research were given a list of hypothetical rooms typical for an average home, and asked to choose two ambiance description of each of them. Unsurprisingly, the results matched what is the conventional knowledge of interior design, with the entry feeling inviting and the closet feeling organized.

horizontal frame mock up in modern minimalistic design of living room with light beige armchair
Interior designer table workplace with house plan


Space can have a big effect on our behavior, mood, thoughts and feelings as well. The size of the room and height of the ceiling impacts the mood and how a person perceives confinement. It is documented that in rooms with higher ceilings, people are more focused and creative. Studies point that the proximity to plants can even lift one’s mood, increase concentration and improve memory retention, since seeing natural elements and green color reduces stress. 


We take all those aspects very seriously in all our pieces at Zap Idea. We make sure we are creating pieces of furniture from upcycles wood to suit the mood and environment you are looking for. To have a space that simply brings you the emotions you want to feel in your daily life through also leverage the golden ratio for design ensuring pieces that are handcrafted to be as visually appealing as possible. 

All this ensures a piece in your own home that simply represents who and how you want to be for an overall better wellbeing.

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