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Our Mission

Zap Idea is a social Enterprise that works on upcycling materials in a modern innovative way away from the traditional method. Zap Idea start from three basic problems:


The spread of desertification, climate change, deforest, and increase waste.


Lack of job opportunities for young people. As well as the limited income of most workers, and also, weak local manufacturing and competition with imported goods.


Lack of experience of university graduates in the labor market.

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How we work?

Through upcycling wooden pallets, old furnishings, and other used materials, we create the following products and services:

– Simple furniture in economical prices.
– Smart and multifunction furniture for saving spaces, as well as the advanced furniture using mobile applications.
– Design and create creative decorations for stores, restaurants, and houses…etc.
– Crafts, antiques, and art objects.

Thus, we reduce from deforesting, maintain the environment, recycling waste and provide furniture at a low price for people with a low income, provide them job opportunities, and strengthen the local industry.

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We Are Saving Ozone Layer

Join Our Mission to Improve a Child’s Feature, Pet’s Life and Our Planet.

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